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The brewery district, Columbus, Ohio is an historic, tourism hub. Not only does this famous area attract visitation from lovers of all things hops and barley, but it's antiquity and waterfront location make for a great place to settle in. Situated next to Germantown in Columbus, there are a myriad of breweries and pub style restaurants which can be sampled by vacationers and locals alike. From pub grub to fine dining, the brewery district of Columbus, Ohio is filled with interesting stops for fun seekers from all walks of life. If you're hoping to take a break from the museums and botanical garden scene of Columbus's daytime playtime, then the nightlife of the brewery district is the ideal way to satisfy the more wild and social side of us all. Meeting friendly locals and sampling some of Ohio's finest micro-brews is the perfect way to spend an evening in Columbus. The Brewery district is packed with places that are guaranteed to quench the thirst of any ale or stout lover. With a multitude of brewery tours and tastings, this charming borough of Columbus will entertain as well as satisfy it's guests and those whom are lucky enough to call themselves "townies". Whether your a tourist exploring one of the great stops within the brewery district of Columbus, Ohio, or you're keeping residence where great people and fun meet at an apex, this district continues to grow on the premise that community is defined by it's people and it's social eventfulness.