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When traveling in Columbus Ohio, you may hear residents refer to 'Westside.' This is the term used to describe West Columbus. They use this term to describe the southwest section of Columbus, an area that is growing. West Columbus is the largest section of Columbus Ohio. There are many neighborhoods in the Westside area that include numerous schools including West High School. This school opened it's doors in 1929 to only 676 students. Now this public school has over 1000 students in attendance. The school draws large crowds for sporting and academic events. Some of the neighborhoods in Westside include Georgian Heights, Hardesty Heights, Franklinton, and Cherry Creek. The real estate market is big in these neighborhoods with many houses available. Numerous hotels and apartments are available in West Columbus. Westside is also within close proximity to Westland Mall, Downtown, and CMH Airport. The westside is easily accessible and bordered by major interstate such as I-70 and 670. Politics is very important to the residents of West Columbus. Many local and national politicians choose to travel to the area to give speeches and host campaigns. Westside Columbus Ohio is easily accessible and is a major part of the city of Columbus Ohio.